Should you Buy the Bumbo Seat?

Today, we're giving you our review of the Bumbo Floor Seat and letting you know what the verdict is on whether you should spend or save on this popular product. 

Be sure to check out our video if you want to see it in action!

When our son was 3-4 months old, we started to notice him trying to sit up on his own. By then we had done a bit of research, but weren’t sure what we could try to do to help him with sitting in an upright position without just holding him up ourselves. Now, to be clear-- the Bumbo floor seat is not to be used as an aid to help your child learn to sit up. What it is good for, is allowing your infant to sit in an upright position for things like reading books, playing, reading, and other floor related activities where the child can engage with close supervision. 

Before we bought the Bumbo we started to look at the reviews. Wow. A lot of moms and dads had a lot to say. It's easy to get caught up in the drama that some of these parents brought to the table. One parent’s review says, “I was in the bath and my 6 month old Billy was with me right next to the bath in his Bumbo playing with a toy when he dropped it.” I don’t even need to read the rest of the review to know that whoever wrote it hadn’t clearly read the instructions for the Bumbo. Most of the other negative reviews were similar. They all start out the same. “I just walked away for a moment and then…” This is what we call user error, people. Theres nothing wrong with the Bumbo seat. But if you don’t use it properly, you’ll have problems 100% of the time. 

The point is, when it comes to your baby, you have to read all the labels and plan to use the products as directed. We’ve been using it as instructed, and stopped using it when our son got close to the max capacity for weight, and we never really had any problems with it. That being said, the Bumbo seat does have a few pitfalls. For starters, most of the problems people had were with one of three concerns: the straps get in the way, the center brace starts to break on the inside, and their baby leaned back and rolled out of it. These are legitimate concerns. We both feel differently about the Bumbo seat. One thing we can agree on, it definitely has its pros and cons. Take a look at this video we made where we discuss what we liked about it, and what we weren’t as happy with.



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