Parenting Fails

One of the things that inherently connects us all as parents is that we’re all going to fail. We’re probably going to fail often. In a book we recently read by Elisa Medhus, “Raising Children Who Think for Themselves,” the author talks about how kids need room to explore, discover their world, and fall down. She says she’ll go as far as to let her children do whatever they're going to do around the house (within reason) as long as no one is getting hurt or damaging anything. Before I had kids I thought this sounded ridiculous. Now that our son is here, it doesn’t sound so crazy. But how do we decide as parents what we should consider a failure and what was just our kid learning to share, or soothe themselves to sleep, or ride a bike? Are we failing if our kids fall? Elisa argues -- not necessarily. 

Our conversation about parenting fails is about much more significant fails. Like we said before, there will be times when we legitimately fail. Something goes wrong, usually when we’re low on sleep, haven’t had food, or on days when we already have a lot going on. In this short video, Megan and I discuss a few things we've done that we consider parenting fails, and basically just laugh and give ourselves some grace. We want our son to know he can trust us and count on us to keep him safe, but we also don’t want to take ourselves too seriously or set an unrealistic expectation -- we aren't perfect and he isn't going to be either.

What are your parenting fails this week, this month or to date? Did you have a hard time forgiving yourself or letting it go? 


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