Introducing Kidproof Parenting

kidproof parenting

So you’re probably wondering how or why we decided to share our journey. That’s a good question, we’re sort of still scratching our heads. For starters, when we found out we had a kid on the way, we wanted to be intentional about the type of parents we choose to be. We had a lot of questions we wanted answers to. We’ve only had a few friends we spend a lot of time with take the next step, so we had a lot of catching up to do in terms of finding out what the whole parenting gig was about. 

Some of the questions we asked each other include; What sort of example do you remember your parents setting? How do we want our family to interact with each other and with our son? How can we avoid some of the common pitfalls that new parents fall into? We had thousands of questions. We also share a belief that everyone who has internet access should be doing what they can to use it as a tool. Any topic you want to learn more about can be found online. For anything you want to be half-decent at, there exists a website of someone explaining it in detail. In short, you and I are out of excuses for making some of the mistakes our parents made. 

So where does that leave us? In the nine months we had to prepare for our son to be here, we did hospital tours, took several classes, read countless books, talked with friends, and basically did everything we could to get familiar enough with the birthing process to feel more comfortable and ease our concerns. So what’s a couple who just consumed countless videos, classes and books to do? Share with the world! We want to make it easier for other parents who may not have the time we had to really dig in and find out more about what this whole parenting thing is about. The result of all our efforts was that we felt much more confident stepping into this new role, and Kidproof Parenting is the happy byproduct. We want to be able to share what we’re learning with other new parents who are going through the same experiences. So this is our first blogpost -- an  introduction to Kidproof Parenting. 

Megan and I have been together since we met six years ago. We dated for just over two years, were engaged for two years, we’ve been married almost two years, and our son, Teddy, is 8 months old. As much fun as we were having as a newly married couple, this new part of our life has been overwhelmingly more fulfilling. This is an entirely new experience for both of us, full of its own surprises, new experiences, and challenges, which have helped our marriage grow. So this is our blog, our journey, our story- this is what it's like to be first time parents. We hope our blog and videos not only help make new parent life easier for you, we hope they help you #CrushIt! 



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