How to Find a Daycare & What to Ask on Tour

Finding a daycare in the community where we live was one of the most challenging tasks we undertook before Teddy was born. You walk into these daycares and there are several different things going on at once. For starters, they’re trying to put their best foot forward, so you don’t know if what you’re seeing is what you’re actually going to get, or if they’re just trying to keep things in order long enough for you to sign on the dotted line. 

We found a daycare we liked, and they had a 12 month wait list. By the time we were added to the wait list, we probably only had 6 more months until Teddy was born. We both work full time and knew we would have some maternity leave and vacation time to take after he was born, but for the most part, we had to find someone who we could count on and felt good about watching him at least 2-3 days a week or more. 

The biggest issue was our ideal daycare wouldn’t have room until after Megan would return to work from maternity leave. We stayed on the list anyway and figured we might find something more affordable. We found another place not far from our house, but after taking him for a few weeks, we started to see a few things that concerned us. We couldn’t tell if we were being overly critical, or if they were just doing a subpar job. In any case, we decided to move him after about 6 weeks of him going to daycare 2-3 days a week. Our new daycare was much better, but it also cost much more and required us to pay for a full week whether he attended or not. There were a number of considerations that came into play while we were looking. Marvin and I made a video to walk you through the process. Check it out above.


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