Gross Things Babies Do

News flash-- babies do gross things. We've had a number of things come up with our son, and he’s not even that old yet! It seems like every day I look over and he’s slightly bigger than he was when we laid him down the night before. In any case, he gets into things and makes messes. All the time. Every day.

There have been a couple times, in particular, where our son has really grossed us out. For starters, when we were still at the hospital, one of the things the nurses wanted to see was for him to have a “bowel movement.” This surprised me for several reasons. All of the sudden I have a kid, and now nurses and doctors expect me to be able to have a serious conversation about poop without cracking a smile. Anyway, he went a few times, and I’ve never been so mesmerized by seeing someone poop their underpants. Meconium. It’s the first poop your baby is going to drop into that diaper. It doesn’t really smell, but looks sticky like tar. We had a couple diapers with that. But then after a day or so, Teddy let out the biggest and grossest looking full sized adult poop of all time. I was changing his diaper and he was letting it out. It was gigantic, and it kept coming. It literally looked like it could have come from a full grown dog, it was so big. I don’t know that he’s had a poop as big since then. I’m convinced this is why he lost weight right away when he was born! It was pretty gross, thankfully we didn’t get any on us (at first) and other than being big and gross, it really wasn’t a big deal. 

Then there was one time (out of many) he got a cold from daycare. He was sneezing a lot for several days and was especially bad in the morning. Every day when he woke up, his nose was pretty congested. I took Teddy to daycare and he sneezed on the way in. Wow. I was not prepared for what exited his nostrils. I had seen some dislodged snot before, but this was a completely different beast. A dark, toxic green looking slug shot out of his nose and hung down from his nostrils over his lips. It slid down and touched his chin. Not. Kidding. I even have photo evidence. Interested to hear more about what we've been through and the gross things we've seen? Check out the Youtube video we made about it!


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